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Corporate Law (Concepts and Insights)

Acerca del libro

Many students find their Corporation Law class difficult because they do not understand the transactions giving rise to those cases. As with its predecessors, this third edition is intended to assist students by not only restating the law but also by putting the law into its business and financial context. The pedagogy is up-to-date, with a strong emphasis on the doctrinal issues taught in today's Corporations classes. The text is highly readable: The style is simple, direct, and reader-friendly. Even when dealing with complicated economic or financial issues, the text seeks to make those issues readily accessible.

Acerca del Autor

Stephen M. Bainbridge

Stephen Bainbridge is the William D. Warren Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law, where he currently teaches Business Associations, Advanced Corporation Law, and Mergers and Acquisitions. In past years, he has also taught Corporate Finance, Securities Regulation, Unincorporated Business Associations and Catholic Social Thought and the Law. Professor Bainbridge previously taught at the University of Illinois Law School (1988-1996). He has also taught at Harvard Law School as the Joseph Flom Visiting Professor of Law and Business (2000-2001), and as a visiting professor at La Trobe University in Melbourne (2005 and 2007) and at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo (1999).

In 2008, Bainbridge received the UCLA School of Law's Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching. In 1990, the graduating class of the University of Illinois College of Law voted him "Professor of the Year."

Professor Bainbridge is a prolific scholar, whose work covers a variety of subjects, but with a strong emphasis on the law and economics of public corporations. He has written over 100 law review articles which have appeared in such leading journals as the Harvard Law Review, Virginia Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Stanford Law Review, and Vanderbilt Law Review. Bainbridge has also written 20 books, including seven in multiple editions. His most recent books include: Advanced Corporation Law (Foundation Press, 2020); Outsourcing the Board: How Board Service Providers Can Improve Corporate Governance (Cambridge University Press, 2018) (with M. Todd Henderson); Business Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations (Foundation Press, 10th ed., 2018) (with Klein and Ramseyer); Mergers and Acquisitions: A Transactional Perspective (Foundation Press, 2017) (with Iman Anabtawi).

According to Gregory Sisk and Brian Leiter’s rankings of law professors by scholarly impact, Professor Bainbridge was the third most-frequently cited scholar in corporate and securities law for the periods 2013-2017 and 2016-2020. In’s ranking of the top 3000 legal authors by all-time downloads, Bainbridge is ranked 12th. By that metric, he is the highest ranked member of the UCLA law school faculty. In’s ranking of the top 3000 legal authors by all-time citations to their work, Bainbridge is ranked 70th. By that metric, he is the second highest ranked member of the UCLA law school faculty.

Professor Bainbridge has been a Salvatori Fellow with the Heritage Foundation, a member of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Corporate Laws, a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Markets and Morality, and Chair of the Executive Committee of the Federalist Society’s Corporations, Securities & Antitrust Practice Group. He is a regular contributor to the Washington Legal Foundation's Legal Pulse column.

In May 2014, Professor Bainbridge was the Cameron Fellow at the University of Auckland Faculty of Law. He was the Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecturer in Law at Widener University School of Law in September 2005, and a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Maryland School of Law in November 2005.

In 2008, 2011, and 2012, Professor Bainbridge was named by the National Association of Corporate Directors' Directorship magazine to its list of the 100 most influential people in the field of corporate governance.

His blog,, was named by the ABA Journal as one of the Top 100 Law Blogs of 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

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